SMS Marketing Services

Instant Messaging - Instant Response

Wouldn't it be great if your customers carried around their own personal billboards, ready to broadcast your targeted message at virtually no cost to you? They already are.

SMS Marketing

For truly effective SMS marketing, you need a two-way solution. In addition to sending messages, you should be collecting and analysing your responses, engaging your audience, and working to improve each subsequent campaign—just as you would with email marketing.

Low cost
High reward
SMS Marketing

A whopping 2 billion people own mobile phones, and 94% of them read all text messages they receive. Not surprisingly, SMS marketing is one of the hottest digital advertising mediums. Can you afford not to cash in on this low-risk, high-reward opportunity?

Here's a great article on how to make sure you deliver SMS marketing effectively & legally.

SMS is designed to help businesses:

SMS For Business
  • Boost sales and loyalty by advertising products, services, and special promotions with coupon codes
  • Announce late-breaking news and offers to create a sense of urgency and intimacy
  • Generate new streams of revenue through paid subscription services delivered through SMS
  • Keep customers and clients informed with timely notifications and reminders
  • Reach qualified prospects and customers who have specifically opted in to receive your text communications
  • Flexibility...urgency...relevance...personalization.

Best practices for SMS marketing

Let emailer show you how SMS marketing spells out success in all of these areas, and more.

Our campaigns are crafted to sell, without making your customers feel like they've been sold to.