List & Subscriber Management

Building and maintaining your lists with ease.

Just as a shiny red Corvette can't hit the open road without a tank of gas, the best-looking email campaign won't make an impact without a robust, high-quality database.

Your email list is what fuels each campaign, ensuring that your messages hit the right targets to achieve the desired results. Building and maintaining an email list can be a time-consuming, tedious process. Our comprehensive list management service makes it easy, giving you the data you need to maximize your ROI, saving you time and money while keeping you compliant with all spam laws.

We cover all the bases to ensure accurate, relevant contact information:


Increasing the size of your email database requires a creative, concerted effort. We use many different approaches to build your list, including "forward to a friend" links, opt-in forms for newsletters and notifications, special incentives, cross-channel promotions, and affiliate links. You can also seamlessly import your existing contacts into our system and create multiple lists for targeted geographical campaigns.

List cleansing
& validation

Our data cleansing services ensure that all contact information is complete and accurate, eliminating bounced emails and improving the effectiveness of your campaigns. We also perform full de-duplication and merging of records to ensure data integrity.

Opt-ins and unsubscribes

Although our ultimate goal is encouraging prospects to join your list, we understand the importance of easy, hassle-free unsubscribes. We give your contacts full control of the process with instant opt-in forms and one-click unsubscribe links. Customers can even update their own email addresses and personal information, saving you in administrative costs and resulting in happier subscribers.

Bounce cleaning

Zero bounces is always our goal, but in the event of undeliverable emails, we'll provide instant notifications so you can make the necessary corrections or removals.

More is good, but when it comes to your email list, quality trumps quantity every time.

Our campaigns are crafted to sell, without making your customers feel like they've been sold to.

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