Email Template Design

Our experienced digital designers and copywriters have the creativity and expertise to create communications that are impactful, inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing.

So you've built a solid email list and created a killer promotional strategy, and now you're ready to jump on the rooftops and announce it to all of your prospects and customers. Not so fast—the difference between messages that get ignored and messages that get results is professional, polished design and copy. Anything less will make you look amateurish and do your business more harm than good.

Comprehensive Email Template Design & Campaign Design Services

Email Newsletters

A polished, personalized HTML newsletter is a great way to share information, announce special offers, and encourage customers to forward to a friend.

We'll personalize your newsletter with your company's logo and colors, add high-quality content and graphics, and set up a distribution strategy based on your target customers' profiles.

Event Management

Set up event registration systems that take the administration and hassle out of organising an event. Create and send invitations, collect RSVP's and send timely event reminders. Take the hassle out of organising an event.

You can use emailer to send invitations, collect and manage RSVP's, trigger communications to different audiences and schedule targeted reminders

Online Surveys

People love talking about themselves—and when you ask your customers to do it, you'll gain priceless information that will help you hone in on your target market and deliver exactly what they want.

At emailer, we specialize in the creation of customized survey forms and supporting databases, giving you immediate access to critical consumer information. Comprehensive reports, automatic thank-you emails, and Excel exports are also included in our survey package

Landing Pages & Webforms

Drive traffic from emails, newsletters, surveys, and e-brochures to well-designed landing pages and web forms.

We'll customize your forms to include your logo, colors, and other branding elements. It's never been easier to capture essential customer information and build robust databases to use for future campaigns. Email template design is as important as ever.

Industry Updates

We'll design creative, polished email templates that connect with your customers, compel them to action, and reflect the brand you've worked so hard to build.

Whether your emails need to inform, entertain, or inspire, Emailer has the expertise and ingenuity to capture and broadcast your vision.


The electronic equivalent of direct marketing, auto responders are one of the most effective ways to turn casual interest into real profits.

When a prospective customer fills out a contact form, signs up for your newsletter, or sends a product-related inquiry, an automated email can be sent to encourage them to act.

We'll design a series of custom auto responders to build credibility and consistency for your brand.

Email Brochures

Tired of spending money on stacks of print brochures that quickly become outdated?

With our electronic template wizard, you can effortlessly create email brochures by clicking and replacing content and images as your offerings change. Choose from rich HTML and plain text.
"One of the integral parts of our marketing strategy has been the Informatix email marketing software, we have found it instrumental in providing a persistent, yet passive avenue of direct marketing"