Email Marketing Services

What do you need to build a brand?

The ingredients of a winning recipe encompass more than just a well-designed brochure, strategic print placements, and word-of-mouth advertising as well as email marketing. In today's high-tech age, the most successful businesses are leveraging the power of the Internet, mobile communications, and other digital channels to stretch their reach far beyond what they ever imagined.

We focus on all digital marketing channels to achieve the most profitable combination.

Although email marketing is a large piece of the puzzle, we also focus on all other digital avenues to achieve the most profitable combination. We're well-versed in all areas of internet marketing, from email campaigns and SMS marketing to banner ads, professional email templates, web forms, auto-responders and landing pages.

Email marketing is the most powerful, cost-effective, and low-risk way to:

  • Target new prospects and current customers with timely messages
  • Promote new products, services, and promotions
  • Build profitable, long-term relationships
  • Automate customer notifications
  • Send personalised notifications tailored to the recipient
  • Gain new insights about your customers
  • Increase sales and average order values
  • Drive more traffic to your website, retail stores, or other channels

Email marketing is both an art and a science.

At emailer, we've mastered both. Contact us today and let us show you how. We use today's cutting-edge technologies to help you impact customers in creative, inspiring ways.

Our campaigns are crafted to sell, without making your customers feel like they've been sold to.

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